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SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola is a joint stock company authorized to perform insurance brokerage activities with license number UP 07-2-1044 dated 13.10.2014, issued by the Insurance Supervision Agency.

The company started operating on 04.12.2014 and until now has 25 subsidiaries spread throughout the territory of the Republic of N.Macedonia, as well as a network of 93 employees – professionals in various fields, thus making SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola the largest insurance broker in the country based on gross written premium, number of employees, number of subsidiaries and compensated damages.

SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola has liability coverage of 2.500.000,00 Euros. SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola is founded by shareholders who are proven entrepreneurs and two experts who are both insurance brokers and CEOs. The company currently has employed 27 insurance brokers, two mechanical engineers in the Department for motor vehicles and other specialized staff.

• Risk assessment;
• Mediation in arranging insurance and reinsurance coverage;
• Assessment and mediation in the realization of impairment claims;
• Redemption of claims;
• Consulting;
• Redemption of receivables.

• Impeccable quality of service and continuous improvement;
• Maximum commitment and openness for cooperation with our clients;
• Trust and respect for co-workers and clients;
• Ethics and morality in behavior and performance;
• Integrity and fairness in every field.

By adhering to the highest ethical standards and meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our clients at the highest level, we take the leadership position among the brokerage companies on the insurance market in Macedonia. Everyday life and work carry many unforeseen risks. That’s why we are here to offer you the most appropriate insurance solution, offering all types of insurance.


• We assess the risk objectively;
• We do not charge the customers for our service in brokering the insurance and reinsurance coverage and making a claim;
• In accordance with our legal obligations, we compare offers from several insurance companies;
• We select the most appropriate offer in terms of premium / coverage;
• We take care of timely flow of finances (premium payment and claims payment);

• Damage can be reported from our company to any other company (e.g If an accident occurs to you, you are injured and the cause is from another company, at SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola you can resolve any damage claim no matter of which company the insurer has an insurance policy);
• Your employees will be provided with the most appropriate coverage and will be insured not only in the workplace but anywhere;
• Your employees will receive a contact number for 24 hour insurance information support.