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The broker is an independent and independent expert in the field of property insurance and persons with many years of experience. The broker has concluded cooperation agreements with all insurance companies on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Such a position enables him to best represent the interests of his client. Working with a broker, which does not require any financial compensation on your part, can significantly save you time and resources that you might otherwise have to commit.

The brokerage service is charged by the broker from the insurer (the insurance company)

The standard procedure is checking the vehicle at the National Insurance Bureau of the Republic of Macedonia. If, by checking the claims database at the National Insurance Bureau, we find that you have not had any damage in the previous insurance period, no matter which insurance company was previously insured, we recognize the bonus received.

The term franchisee determines the insured’s participation in the monetary amount of the damage compensation. For example, if a motor hull insurance policy has a franchise of 200 euros and damages in the amount of 300 euros, the insured will get a damage compensation of only 100 euros from the insurance company, since his participation is 200 euros. In some cases, the franchisee may be redeemed by paying an additional premium. In some types of insurance, you can choose the amount of franchise that affects the amount of the premium.

In case the owner of the insured vehicle changes during the term of the motor hull insurance, the insurance policy is not valid anymore, i.e the rights and obligations of the insurance policy shall not be transferred to the new owner.
The old owner is reimbursed the unused portion of the premium (if no damage has been reported in the previous period), and the new owner is required to get a new insurance policy.

If an accident occurs, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things in order to eliminate any further problems:

• notify the police immediately and call an ambulance if injured;
• do not move anything that might help the authorities to compile a police record;
• take all possible measures to protect your vehicle from further damage;
• try to check all the details of the accident, especially the names of people who were involved in or could testify to the accident, the registration plates and insurance companies of all vehicles directly or indirectly involved in the accident, as well as the number of badges (IDs) of police officers who came to the scene of the accident;

• insist on an alcohol test;

• ask the police officer where and how you can obtain a copy of the police record made;
• if your vehicle is insured, you can report the damage to your insurer;
• iff you do not have a motor hull insurance policy, you must file your claim with the insurance company of the person who is guilty of causing the accident according to the police record;

Depending on the type of the injury, the time for filing a claim for damages can also be determined. In any case, filing a claim should be done at least three months after the treatment is completed. The claim may be filed even earlier, but the injury assessment by the doctor-censor and the settlement of the claim is done within the specified deadline. For any detailed questions regarding the damage, please contact our expert team at info@snbroker.mk.

The household insurance for residential buildings covers multiple risks and is therefore called combined insurance. This type of insurance covers:

• basic risks including: fire and lightning strike, explosion, water leakage from water and sewer installation, hailstorm, own-vehicle crash, aircraft crash;
• burglary and robbery of household;
• third party liability insurance in case of damage to the insured premises of any of the neighboring dwellings;
• expenses for necessary accommodation where in the event of total damage to the insured building, if there are no living conditions in that building, the insurance company pays compensation as a rent for a residence.

If the garage is included in the insurance policy itself, on the day the policy is made, it will be considered when assessing and paying for the damage.

The value of a building is determined by its construction value, that is, the amount that would be sufficient in the event of damage to bring the damaged building back into its original state at the time of receipt of insurance.

If the building in which you live is a new building and is secured by a security agency, any additional safeguards, such as a security door, alarm devices, cameras еtc, will include an appropriate discount.

Travel insurance is valid for all countries outside the Republic of N.Macedonia.

Yes. Travel insurance is valid for only one person and every person that travels must get his own policy. If you decide on a group travel insurance policy, then you should bear in mind that there is a minimum of 10 people required to get this type of policy.

Household insurance does not cover this kind of risk, but if you want it to be included, you need to have an additional insurance policy for the homeowners in case of an accident.

The damage is reported in person, in the head office or in one of the subsidiaries of SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola. More information can be obtained by e-mail at info@snbroker.mk or by phone: 047/55 33 90.