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Despite your desire and effort to keep your things secure and under control, there is always a possibility of mistake. If a third party suffers the consequences of that error, it arises the question of your legal liability for material and non-pecuniary damage. [...]

Crop and Fruit Insurance

Agricultural insurance implies insurance of all crops in non-living and uncollected state: • vineyards; • fruit plantations; • cereals; • garden crops; • industrial crops; [...]

Animal insurance

Pets and other animals are invaluable to owners. Insure them in case of an accident or illness. Despite great care, animals can get sick, hurt, or even die. This may mean extra unplanned expenses, so make sure you have them insured. [...]

Insurance of goods in transport

Осигурувањето на стоки при транспорт опфаќа осигурување на сите пратки на стоки кои се превезуваат со туѓи или сопствени превозни средства. ПРЕДМЕТ НА ОСИГУРУВАЊЕ СЕ ШТЕТИ ПРИЧИНЕТИ НА СТОКАТА ПРИ: • сообраќајна незгода на [...]

Motor hull insurance

Motor hull insurance for your car, buses, freight vehicles, as well as all special vehicles, work vehicles, motorcycles and foreign license plates covers the damages caused to the vehicle regardless of the cause and the culprit. [...]

Car liability insurance

In order to protect third parties and their property from the consequences of a car accident, motor vehicle owners are required by law to have an car liability policy, which insures the compensation for damages caused by a car accident. [...]

Green card

The green card is an extension of the insurance of motor vehicles that covers the territory outside of the Republic ofN. Macedonia. It is also a compulsory type of insurance, which means you must own it when you leave the country with your vehicle. [...]

Property insurance

Property insurance involves insurance of: • Family home, apartment, utility, economic facilities, weekend house, floor and wall coverings, door and window glass, fittings, boilers and ovens, boilers and sanitary fixtures in those facilities, [...]

Industrial insurance

Fire and other hazards The fire insurance policy and other hazards protect your property from the risks that threaten your long-term work and investments every day. This policy covers risks such as: fire, explosion, lightning strike, spill, hail, vehicle or mobile vehicle crash and other risks. [...]

Household insurance

Do you remember how you decorated your home? Do you remember the way you chose the furniture with enthusiasm and do you rejoice when it finally came to be as you imagined it to be? [...]


An accident can neither be predicted nor prevented, but the economic consequences of it can be mitigated by the conclusion of accident insurance. Workers’ accident insurance – [...]


Your health and safety should be at the top of your list when planning a trip. We want you to travel peacefully and carelessly and so we offer a range of services that guarantee you careless travel and coverage of the most common risks lurking on the road. [...]


Life is the most precious thing that every person possesses and therefore it needs to be properly protected. Provide safety to your loved ones, plan your future, save money and be insured at the same time. Life insurance [...]

Travelers in Public Transport

The compulsory insurance of passengers in public transport against the consequences of an accident is implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Law on compulsory traffic insurance and the conditions for insurance of persons against the consequences of an accident [...]