Household insurance

  • Осигурување домаќинство

Do you remember how you decorated your home? Do you remember the way you chose the furniture with enthusiasm and do you rejoice when it finally came to be as you imagined it to be?
And what about your company? Now that you’ve finally moved to new and nicer offices and bought new equipment….
Did you protect what you worked so hard for? The walls, the objects, the cuttings… At SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola you can find all types and packages of home and property insurance available from all insurance companies in the R.N.Macedonia.

Household insurance

Securing your household and its belongings, whatever your life may be, will go on without a hitch and at no extra cost.
Household insurance involves insurance of:
• Residential buildings, apartments and individual buildings, such as buildings with built-in electrical, hot water, plumbing and sewage installation for living purposes.
• Household items, home decor items and personal use items, located in the insured residential building and served to the insured or members of his / her family household.
• Liability for damage caused by and to third parties.
• Reducing the cost of necessary accommodation for the insured and his family when the apartment is damaged to the extent that it is not suitable for living.
The sum of the insurance of the building is the value of the building. The household items are insured up to 30% of the value of the building.

Household insurance includes insurance against the following basic risks (risks):
• Fire
• Lightning strike
• Explosion, except nuclear explosion and radioactive contamination
• Storm
• Hail Storm
• Public manifestations and demonstrations
• Airplane crash
• Water outflow from water and sewer installations
• Water outflow from appliances and pipes for hot water installations
• Burglary and robbery, except in unoccupied flats and weekend houses, unless specifically agreed.

In addition to these, and at an additional premium, household insurance may also include insurance against the following additional risks (risks):

• Flood, torrent and high waters
• Landslides and landslides
• Snow avalanche
• Breaking glass

Right of compensation

If the home insurance contract is made by SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola, in the event of damage, SN Insurance Broker AD Bitola will mediate and represent you in front of the insurance companies for prompt and appropriate compensation of the incurred damage.

To exercise the right to compensation under a home or property insurance contract, it is necessary:
• The damage has occurred during the period for which you have coverage under the specific insurance policy
• To report the damage to the insurance company as soon as possible and within the deadline stipulated by the terms of the insurance
• Take measures to limit the harmful effects and reduce the harm
• Inform the competent authority (police, fire service, etc.) of the damage
• Provide proof of the damage suffered.