Industrial insurance

  • Индустриско осигурување

Fire and other hazards

The fire insurance policy and other hazards protect your property from the risks that threaten your long-term work and investments every day. This policy covers risks such as: fire, explosion, lightning strike, spill, hail, vehicle or mobile vehicle crash and other risks.

Interruption of work

By choosing termination insurance, you entrust us with the care of your company when it comes to the risks that could lead to termination of employment and thereby have irreparable consequences for the business positions of the company and call into question the financial operation.

Installation facilities

The process of performing assembly work carries a risk to the structures, machinery, equipment, installations and all other elements necessary in the process. In the event of an unintended consequence, we provide you with financial protection that will offset threats to the facility and provide complete performance security.

Buildings under construction

The Construction facility Insurance offers quality protection to the contractor against the widest range of risks that could jeopardize construction and result in high financial costs. The subject of this insurance may be the buildings that are new construction and those that are being reconstructed.

Breaking glass

With the Breaking Glass Insurance Package, you cover damages from the insured risks that can occur on all kinds of glass items, light signs and advertisements, as well as marble slabs, counters, jugs, porcelain sinks and other sanitation, cultural, historical and tombstones.

Burglary and robbery

This insurance covers damages caused by the behavior, destruction or damage of the insured items, as well as damages caused by damage to the building parts of premises, installations and equipment where the insured items are found when committing or attempting burglary or robbery.

Breaking machines

The dynamic environment leaves no room for disruption to the workflow, which can be influenced by many factors, which can expose you to high costs, and your financial performance can be very easily compromised. Breaking machinery insurance is the best way. to prevent it.


This insurance can insure all electronic computers, printers, processors and similar electronic devices owned by the insured and the persons in the household. These electrical devices can be insured against burglary, burglary and robbery and fire.